Positive Thought of the Day – Be a light

Positive Thought of the Day – Be a light

The positive thought of the day is about waking up and start living your life. Many people today are just walking through the motions and are deadened to their purpose in life. They spend their time trying to emulate how others are living, rather than living a constructive life based on their own wishes and desires.

They live from either a seat or couch, watching TV or sitting at their laptops or computers seeking gratification in games and information. They always want the latest electronic gadget, whether iPhone, iPad or Xbox. With a simple button-push, they expect to get the abundant joys of life.

These people are beings who have an inner light of unique talents, experiences and gifts. The aim of this positive thought of the day is to tell them to awaken and share themselves with an increasingly darkened world in need of their light. They should find out their ambition and purpose in life. We are put on this earth to help brighten the lives of each other. We must have expectations and goals and work had to accomplish our aspirations.

Hence, the positive thought of the day is more of challenge that people do their responsibility for being privileged to be alive on earth.  As the sunlight lights up the day, we are all supposed to impact the lives of the people around us positively. Consider how light is powerful; it makes seeing possible. It eliminates darkness and allows people to live. With your internal light, you will be able to drive out darkness within yourself and also around you.

You can bring love, care, joy, compassion, motivation and inspiration to other people here on earth. It starts with your emotions and thoughts and is finally brought out with your actions. It means the world if you can just light up everyone around you with possibility, desire and great hope. Consider that when you positively change one life, you have started changing the entire world and that is the essence of this positive thought of the day.

Start at the personal level with yourself by being true and honest. You must have the ability to laugh at yourself. Acknowledge when you are wrong and seek an apology. Showing respect for other people is also part of the positive thought of the day. Be grateful and ensure you add value to other people’s lives. Remember, a candle does not lose anything by lighting up another candle. Thus, the more you continue nurturing your own internal light, the better chance of illuminating the right way for other people.

Hope you get inspired by the positive thought of the day and start lighting up the way for both yourself and others. Light up someone’s life today.


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