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Text Your Ex Back System

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If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees (no matter why you broke up and even if they’re dating somebody else now) you need to watch this video right away…

The reason this video is so important is because it teaches you the REAL reason you’ve failed to get your ex back so far (and have embarrassed yourself along the way)

And how to use tiny little text messages to erase all the “bad times” and “mistakes” and create a whole new relationship with your ex (no matter how bad things were before.)

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What is text your ex back?

This Text Your Ex Back is an effective system that is designed to help those people who want to get their ex back by means of those simple text messages. It tells you the type of text to send and the right time to send it. This system is completely downloadable so you can get instant access after joining in.

This gives you a 74 page manual with audio version and extra bonuses. The manual can explain how you should be around your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. The audio included in this system is also helpful since you can listen on an MP3 player than reading.

About the author

Text your ex back author
Text your ex back author

The Text Your Ex Back is primarily created by Michael Fiore. His appearance on the show of Rachel Ray is considered to be a perfect inspiration for all. His level of confidence can also drag you right away.  He is also a famous relationship expert who has been giving relationship advice from the year of 2010.

He came up with a realization of a strict and impressive formula. There are some girls who continue to fall over him. He doesn’t want to keep this formula a secret. Hence, he was able to share it to some of his friends and family members. This is for them to try this on for their love interests, husbands, wives and exes.

What’s the real secret of Mike?

This mainly includes of the text and the use of words that invokes positive emotions and feelings. This is to simply let your ex think of all the good times you’ve shared with each other. With this secret, he was able to create a precise and effective strategy on how people can take a complete advantage of it. This is especially in letting their relationship grow and that is Text Your Ex Back.

Two reasons why text your ex back is awesome

There are two reasons why this Text Your Ex Back is an awesome system and these are as follows:

With these two reasons, you are most assured of winning your ex back. This is due to the fact that you give them the freedom of choosing even without disturbing them.

If you’re keen to learn more about the course from the maker and get started straight away take a look at this video by Mike fiore which explains more Visit Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back

Amazing modules found in text your ex back program

There are eleven modules that are found in this Text Your Ex Back program that explain each step. You may find them assuring and motivating for you to listen.

You are given with the chance to read some of these modules, listen through audio files. Here are the lists of some of the modules that are found in Text Your Ex Back program and these are as follows:


These two modules are essential to figure out how you can get your ex back. What you will learn from here are the different parts of the text to get your ex back. This part of the module is exceptional because there are instances that a boy or girl doesn’t give you the real reason why he or she broke up with you. This is the reason why Michael has worked out on the different scenarios to help you figure out the things to say.

This module can help you to be very honest with yourself with regard to the reason why you want your ex back. You might think that there could be reasons for such as too much love from the person. This is the reason why you want to be together again.

But, Mike helps you in being more honest and more specific than what you think. You may want to grow more mature and more responsible for your relationship. Determining the real reason of getting your ex back is very essential. This module helps you on how to work things out in the easy way.

This module four will help you to assure that you are mentally ready to begin texting your ex. In this module, you are guaranteed not to crack or send the wrong form of message to your ex. You will learn how to harness those practical and psychological techniques that may help your start in feeling good about yourself.

This module is interesting  since you can deeply understand how the texts of Mike can merge their way together and set  the powerful yet subtle framework of getting your ex back.  Michael was able to break down the different types of steps. These will be included in the process of texting such as moving ahead to intimacy booster texts, setting up emotional honest and reigniting the desire of flame. Finally, the big goal is to get connected in real life and get your ex back.

In this module, you will be more excited as this helps you in making your plan. You can get the actual info on what message you will send to your ex. It also outlines the type of contact you would want to assure that your ex will respond to you.  What you would really love about this module is that, this offers a step-by-step procedure that you need to follow. This is very easy and simple with strategic and clever goal. You are also given with formulas and examples of on the kind of message to text and also how to respond to your ex.

There are great tricks in this module that can help you out in evoking positive and strong mind associations to your ex partner. This sets some possible scene to the next level of texting. In this module, you are also given with a step-by-step procedure on what you will say and on how you will respond the best way you can.

Sexual attraction is considered to be an essential key to a good relationship. And, module 8 is more on reigniting such kind of spark.  Jealousy is one of most controversial topics in any type of relationship. This is also the common cause of breakups.

Even in healthy relationships, you get the spark out when you’ve realized that other people want your partner.  Michael was able to show how to harness that kind of situation and be sure of getting your ex back.

This is a short type of module wherein it helps deepen your emotional connection. This allows you to show to your ex that you’re always here for him. This is also no matter what happens. This is an essential way to be aware if your ex goes through a series of struggles and difficulties of his or her life.

By this point in time, you are now closer to get your ex back and in this module. You will soon start becoming honest and powerful of winning him.  There are three types of sections that are found in this module. These include emotional honesty, attraction texts and virtual to physical concepts. These are just some of the best aspects you need to be familiar with to get your ex back.

You have renewed intimacy but you always need to keep on going. This is to assure you of building a strong foundation. You need to get your ex back for your own good. This will be the final module that explains the next step and the way to keep the communication at the right manner. This helps keep the messages to flow smoothly and correctly.

The eleven modules of Text Your Ex Back can give you with an idea on how this program can help you. This is not only to make sure that you can get your ex back. This can also help you to be more responsible in handling your relationship with your partner. You cannot find these modules from all other programs. Thus, the best thing for you to do is to spare your time of choosing Text Your Ex Back over the other.

Text your ex back members area screenshot
Text Your Ex Back Members Area Screenshot

The Benefits of Text Your Ex Back

There are huge numbers of benefits that Text Your Ex Back offers that are as follows:


Michael has fairly demonstrated the effectiveness of this Text Your Ex Back program in the national television. Thus, people are impressed on how effective the system is. Some people think that this system is very manipulative.

But, you need to bear in mind that one of the biggest differences of this system is that it helps determine how you will get the feeling of other people. This is especially true to your ex. This is the reason why you need to discover the things you need to do in winning your ex back. The answer to this is none other than the Text Your Ex Back.

Can this program help you in any kind of relationship? This is a common doubt of those people who are really in need of something that could help them in winning their ex back. As Text Your Ex Back program suggest, you can immediately get your ex back anytime you wanted but there are some who are not completely convinced with it. If your ex have completely move to another place or gone ahead or eventually married with someone else, then maybe some thinks that you are just wasting your time with this program. Observing that your ex is already happy with their partner is already a sign that you need to stop courting or winning them back.

Well, the goal is Text Your Ex Back is not only to win your ex back. If the above mentioned situation happens, the only thing you would wished for is to re-establish your friendship with you ex. Despite of the memories and experiences you have acquired from the past, it is still essential for you to build your friendship relationship and that’s where Text Your Ex Back can help you. You may text them and meet them for lunch, snack and dinner. This is one way of sharing memories with someone whom you knew you could be your good friend. Also you may never know what might happen in the near future. Your ex may need someone they could cry on when problems arise.

With such scenario, you are already given a hint that Text Your Ex Back is not only essential in getting your ex back but also re-establishing your friendship to them especially if they are already happy with someone else. This makes Text Your Ex Back very essential in working out different types of relationships.

One thing that you need to do to assure that this Text Your Ex Back program will be giving you positive and successful result is that you need to follow all the steps and procedures given by Michael in all the modules. This could be a hard thing to do especially to those people who are really desperate to get their ex back and heard their voice.

Michael always says that right after following this program, you need to wait for about three days before you proceed to the next step. This is a must for those who really wanted to acquire smooth and organize flow of the getting your ex back. If would be rushing to get your ex, things will be going differently and this would really mess up your goal.

This is the reason why Text Your Ex Back program always recommend you to be committed and dedicated with your working plan. Make your plan as your topmost priority to assure that you could immediately get your ex back. This Text Your Ex Back will serve as your essential guide on how to do the process easily and conveniently.


This seemed to be an indication that on such basis, this Text Your Ex Back is really worth for you to try today! Start getting your ex back today

Text Your Ex Back Review in Short

Your exes had their own reason of establishing a relationship with you from the start; however that was long already long ago. You will never be aware what would that reason is and your ex could not put such reason into words. If you are going to do the right thing at the right manner, you can acquire great chance of reawakening the desire of your ex the same as before and have them running back to gain your love, care and trust.

In this Text Your Ex Back created by Michael Fiore, you are given the simplest and quickest ways to get your ex back. This program already worked for huge numbers of people hence you are assured that trying to follow what the program suggest can greatly help you out. You have nothing to lose with this program hence it is highly recommended to let people have a try on it. You will not experience any hassle and difficulty in following this program as this can give you the best guide and support on winning your ex back at the same time re-establish your relationship with them the same as before.

Final Thoughts

What else are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out the chance of using this Text Your Ex Back today. This is especially if you still love your ex and you want to get back into the previous relationship. This is worth for your time and effort. This can also help you become more responsible and more committed with your relationship with your ex. This is especially if both of you have decided to start the relationship again.

With Text Your Ex Back, you will not only get your ex back. You are most assured of having a long lasting relationship that you most deserve to have Visit Text Your Ex Back Now to Find out More!

3 reviews for Text Your Ex Back System

  1. 5 out of 5


    We got back together with tears of joy

    I took up the program about 3 months ago,but was busy and could not really write back. Well, I wanted to tell you that I got my ex back. That happened two months ago What happened was that she called me and we kinda nagged at each other at first, because of a little misunderstanding. Afterwards,however,she told me that she had missed me,that after having a rebound (who she called a retard) she realized that she wanted me in her life and that I was perfect for her. I had a rebound myself and that didn’t work either. We cried on the phone and then on Skype and got back together with tears of joy. The break up actually made us realize that we are truly meant to be together and that we are perfect for each other. Now we are getting prepared to celebrate New Year together.

    THANK YOU SO MUUUCH for helping me get my beloved fiancee back. (yes,we’re going to get married)

    Thank you again,Mike.

  2. 5 out of 5


    All great journeys start with small steps

    Hi Mike. Good program. The 30 days of no contact was crucial – helped work through myself, thoughts and feelings and work on my physical side – mind body and spirit. The “I like myself” exercise is extremely insightful as it reminds ourselves of who we are. My ex and I are giving at another go – small steps but all great journeys start with small steps. Talk was the game opener – being in our 50’s we did more talking face to face than texting but adapted some of the principles in this program. Thanks for helping me find myself first so I could have the opportunity to find my ex.

    All Best

  3. 5 out of 5


    Massive thanks… I owe you

    I wanted to drop by and say a massive thanks. I bought your book and it has been a real help through possibly the hardest time of my life. Although the techniques did not work on my ex I am still glad I bought your book. I wasn’t expecting anything to work to help get back in contact with my ex but I was determined to get her back in my life. So I give it a go! I am absolutely devastated that it looks like I’ll never be with my ex girlfriend again. But thanks to the book and regular emails from you it really has helped me learn a lot about myself and help me get in a much better place a lot quicker than expected. No I didn’t win my ex back and although I will still do anything for her to become part of my again. I have accepted that she doesn’t want that. Now it’s time for me to do the same. I strongly believe these techniques would work on a lot of People and other men will have a lot of success with this.

    I have a friend that is in a bad way, the way he talks about his ex is exactly how I felt around 2 months ago! I can’t possibly do any more than I have for a second chance and although I don’t want to give up I have no choice. Your book and your daily emails of advice and support have truly been a big help and I will definitely recommend it to my friend. I actually feel like I owe you.

    Thanks again! And I hope your emails keep coming!

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